The entire event will take place in the municipality of Stall in Mölltal in Carinthia / Austria. We will endeavor to accompany you as best as possible through the main program as well as through the multiple secondary and entertainment programs. The INTUITION EARTH FILM FESTIVAL takes place in a very rural area. We don’t have a cinema here ourselves. However, that does not mean that we are not able to perform this festival in the best possible way. On the contrary, we can individually create a homely and familiar atmosphere and also provide you with the best possible care outside of the main program, if you so wish.

The main program will be shown in our festivalroom in the school. On the one hand we are preparing a gym where we will show and evaluate the Films . The subsidiary programs are still in preparation. We will of course publish the entire program soon enough. Be curious. Our team is looking forward to everyone who participates and wants to visit the festival.


Helmut Michael Kemmer
Stall 96 – 9832 Stall

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Volksschule Stall
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