Helmut-Michael Kemmer
Helmut-Michael Kemmer - Producer & Author

Helmut Michael is an artist with heart and soul. He is the author of eight books. Since his youth, he has been fascinated by the subject of film and had realised several short films during this time. With the multiple award-winning short film FORMATION, he was able to cause a stir in independent film. He is the octopus, a networker and thus the head of a large group of independent filmmakers. The works that Helmut Michael has penned have won many awards.

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The Wild Run - Hunters of the roughnights (in production)
The direction is taken over by Claus G Willixhofer.  The writer of this story was Harald Walzer and Claus Willixhofer. In the roles appeared Harald König, Tanja Wildbahner, Martina Martinz, Lucas Zolgar, Harald Walzer, Ferdinand Wildbahner and Vita Wernisch. It was supportet by the Getränkewelt Lienz, my family and the Unterbacherhof.

"The Wild Run" is an imaginative story that puts customs, researched, pagan and satanic rituals into context. The basis for the short film was provided by a well-founded study conducted by Dominik Wiesauer at the University of Vienna. To give the story more tension, almost a horror dynamic, great emphasis is placed on witty dialogue and action-packed moments. There is also no lack of a mystical touch, which definitely allows for supernatural influences. A youthful click, consisting of Felix, Michelle and Noel, want to perform a ritual for 5 December, integrated during a big Krampus run they organise. They thus try to strengthen their satanic rite with evil energy through the run. Dark, demonic beings emerge from a portal and leave a bloody trail of destruction in their wake. The quirky, offbeat priest and the nun "Alina" get on the trail of the youth gang. They try to avert the foreseeable evil conjured up by the young adults.

Director Biography - Josef M. Pfleger
Supported by a very great Social Media Team - Thanx the leader Helena Kallanda, Michael Jung and Gerald Dellacher

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Hamlet (shortfilm)
This work was directed by Thomas F.J. Lederer, which suddenly died in the age of 42. It's comedy and cinestageart genre. In the roles you can see Jürgen Riegler, Dominik Wiesauer, Helmut-Michael Kemmer and Thomas F.J. Lederer. It was the first movie of Intuition.


"What does it actually mean to be crazy? Is it an escape from the mundane? Is it an attempt to find some kind of meaning in the desolation of existence? Or is it a cola-flavoured ice lolly?"

This film was made in 1999 and was only screened once.

Allein (shortfilm)
This work was directed by Thomas F.J. Lederer and Julia Rakatoniaina-Waldner. It's drama and cinestageart genre and was supportet by the Kunstwerk Lienz. In the roles you can see Katharina Schett, Michael Tschapeller and Thomas F.J. Lederer.


A film that describes feeling alone and living in fear.

This film was made in 2001 and was only screened once.

Splash -  Tod im Reagenzglas (shortfilm)
The direction is taken over by Thomas F.J. Lederer which suddenly died in the age of 42.  The writer of this story was Helmut-Michael Kemmer. In the roles appeared Florian Sumerauer, Stefan Sumerauer, Raphael Moser and Andreas Berger. It was supportet by the Kunstwerk Lienz.

A new drug is being developed in the laboratory. The virus is released and a pandemic takes the population by surprise.

This film was made in 2005 and was only screened once.

Hons im Glück (shortfilm)
This work was directed by Thomas F.J. Lederer, which suddenly died in the age of 42. It's comedy genre and was supportet by the Kunstwerk Lienz. In the roles you can see Sylvia Schwentner, Guiseppe Walder and Thomas F.J. Lederer.

Hans is an unemployed day labourer, a failure and a klutz. He has huge debts to his boss, "Papa". When he puts him under pressure, he successfully robs a bank. His wife and his supposed three children help him.

This film was shot in 2007 and presented to the audience only once.

Die Treppe - Jenseits der Angst (shortfilm)
The direction is taken over by Thomas F.J. Lederer which suddenly died in the age of 42.  The writer of this story was Johannes Pirkebner and Helmut-Michael Kemmer produced this film. In the roles appeared Michael Tschapeller, Martin Meilinger and Norbert Mösslacher. The story was conceived by Helmut-Michael Kemmer when Thomas and he were in New York in a cinema and had seen the film Session 9.

The short film is a psychological thriller that is intended to address an absolutely explosive, locally topical issue, namely fascination with the occult, which affects certain age groups in particular.

This film was shot in 2004 and screened only once.

Futter im Trog / Feed in the Through (shortfilm)
This work was co-directed by Helmut-Michael Kemmer and Stefan Placzek. It grew out of the pens of the Mölltaler and critically shows the current world situation together with the events in Ukraine in the 'CineStageArt' genre. Beau Leonard James, Harald König and Martina Martinz took on the main roles in this special work.

The farmer as the producer of the food is first the king. At home, "the cheek" waits for him every day. But capitalism and big business - represented by the greedy goat - exploit the farmers. The film shoot culminates in the farmer throwing his money out of a feed trough for his greedy sheep to eat. A number of extras from the region appropriately slip into the role of the hungry "scoops". 

Richtungswechsel / Change of Course (shortfilm)
The leading role & direction is taken over by the well-known Styrian Andreas Ortner.  Change of Course is the most successful film at festivals so far, with 28 awards in 16 countries. With 'CineStageArt' the artists Helmut-Michael Kemmer - Vesely Marek - Andreas Ortner create their own film genre.  Harald Walzer was director of photography and editor.

Production: Helmut-Michael Kemmer, White Shark Entertainment and Harald Walzer CO PRODUKTION

The viral theme 'Corona' serves as the introductory material to this new art film, which was once again shot in front of the gorgeous backdrop in Stall im Mölltal. "The material is presented in a different way than most will expect," Andreas Ortner, who not only took on the leading role in this work but also directed it, says cryptically. "A work for our consciousness and the audience is left with room for imagination & creativity," Ortner sums up. 

Due to Corona, the filming was done on a very small scale. 

Change of Course has so far achieved 29 awards, numerous finalist places and Official Selections.

Formation (shortfilm)
Vesely Marek, director and co-producer of this film, has given this very critical work, written by Helmut-Michael Kemmer, a very special look. The Director of Photography was taken over by long-time friend Josef M. Pfleger.  This project has won 16 international awards so far and reached the audience in this very special way. It is also a 'CineStageArt' Film.

 To really get to the bottom of "FORMATION", you have to look back to 2012. That's where Helmut Michael Kemmer's first critical thoughts emerged, which he had with one of his friends in a chat. A few months later - at the beginning of 2013 - he published the first texts that were the basis for the later film in his socially critical essay "Ich bin Rebell. In the winter of 2017, Josef M. Fasching, a native of Mörtschach and a good friend of Helmut Michael, spoke on the phone. Both had already realised several short films together. That was the birth of FORMATION. The first thing they did was to visit the Forum for Austrian Filmmakers. There they met the Viennese director Vesely Marek and the professional actor Manuel Dragan. After discussing the script and possibilities together, they joined the project. Production work began and more and more team members were found. The Filmcommission Carinthia helped with this. Grandurfilm Studio from Klagenfurt agreed to provide all the film equipment. Almost three months of preparation were needed for only two days of shooting. For the search of the rest of the team, the actors and extras, they were supported by the local newspapers. When the municipalities of Stall and Rangersdorf promised their support, nothing more stood in the way of the shoot. The film crew was ready for 26 February 2018. "It was a march of protest! A march for humanity. Against superficiality, politically neutral and against the passage of time. Currently, we have chosen technology instead of humanity, closeness, affection and togetherness. We have opted for control instead of responsibility and trust. We should listen to these thoughts right now and return to a path where togetherness, respect and honesty take a much higher priority than other values." This is what FORMATION stands for, according to the author.

FORMATION has so far achieved 18 awards, numerous finalist places and Official Selections.

The Letter of Marque (music video)
This original soundtrack by Jakob Eder won 9 international awards in 2019. Vesely Marek from Vesely Films directed and filmed the music video. He recorded it in the catacombs of Vienna and gave it a pirate look. Executive producer is Helmut-Michael Kemmer.


European Cinematograpy Awards (ECA) Amsterdam http://europe.cawards.org/ Best Song
Global Film Festival Awards LA https://www.gffawards.com/ Best Music Video (HM)
Festigious LA https://www.festigious.com/ Best Song (HM)
New York Cinematography Awards (NYCA) New York http://newyork.cawards.org/ Best Origianal Soundtrack
Live on Music Contest Italy http://www.viveredimusica.com/ Best Original Soundtrack
Tagore International Film Festival West Bengal https://tiff-b.com/ Best Film Score - Soundtrack
American Songwriting Award United States https://americansongwritingawards.com/ Best Instrumental
Druk International Film Festival Toewang http://www.diff-bt.com/ Best Film Score Soundtrack
United States Film Festival Southeastern https://www.unitedstatesfilmfestival.org/ Best Musical Score

CSI Lienz (shortfilm)
This prequel was produced in 2008. Thomas F. J. Lederer, who has already passed away, directed the film. Helmut-Michael Kemmer was responsible for the script and production. Johannes Pirkebner and his friends helped us to realise this project. The main roles were played by Florian Sumerauer, Marie Berger and Thomas F. J. Lederer. CSI Lienz was supportet by the Kunstwerk Lienz.

A child is found dead in the old lake in Tristach. The investigators Hannes Außerdorfer, Helga Hirschegger and Nikolaus Jeier investigate. They discover that the youth is said to have escaped from the local Catholic education camp. Father Hugo-Olaf Wölsi is suspected of having murdered the boy. In the course of the investigation it is discovered that the youths are mistreated in the camp and that they only get Schlipfkrapfen to eat. As a result of these abuses, the police officers approach the case very emotionally.

morgen / tomorrow (shortfilm)
Together with JMF-Film and Kunstwerk Lienz, this beautiful work was produced in 2007. Thomas F. J. Lederer, who has already passed away, directed the film. Helmut-Michael Kemmer was responsible for the script and production. Josef M. Pfleger joined the team as a trainee and we still work together with him today. It was supportet by the Kunstwerk Lienz.

After the death of his sister, Andreas becomes addicted to drugs. His brother Dominik tries everything to bring him back to a normal life - but the attempts fail miserably. In the end, Andreas no longer wants to live. In just one night, he experiences the highs and lows of life: love, hate, halocinogenic drug trips and suicide. In the end, it will be decided whether he chooses life or death.

"And on that one day, when you had the world at your feet, you scrounged up everyone you cared about, drove them away, betrayed them, lost them forever."